- through the ages!

The story begins in 1897 when Visby Bryggeri AB decides to build a "railway hotel" in Tingstäde. Today, 120 years later, we run our Gotland of Sweden - bed and breakfast in the same property.

Visby Bryggeri AB biulds a railway hotel in Tingstäde.

On November 18, Cecilia Jönsson, 32, takes over the management of the hotel. She marries on June 24, 1904 with inspector Olander Svensson from Kellna in Kristianstad county. The following year they have twins, a boy Bengt Ruben and a girl Anna Lisa.

The family decides to move into Visby in November 1906. Then Cecilia's two sisters Helny and Anna Jönsson continue to operate the hotel until 1917. At the outbreak of the war in 1914, the hotel became a military headquarter.

In January, Gertrud Hermanna Hellberg becomes hotel manager and sister Tekla Olivia Hellberg her hotel assistant. On March 7, 1918, they advertise after a honest and caring maid to the Hotel in Tingstäde.

Helny Mathilda Zetterling born Åkerblom runs the hotel from November 1922 to October 1923. She is married to Major Arvid Zetterling.

Mrs. Eva Johansson and husband Samuel and their six children comes to Tingstäde to take over the lease of the hotel. The hunting-interested husband Samuel also leases Nystugu farm (now Polhemsgården).

Mrs Eva Johansson runs the hotel for many years and, in addition to the hotel business, they organize a practical home school on several occasions with cooking, baking, preservation, collection of slaughter and more at Tingstäde Hotel.

Gotlands Järvägsaktiebolag sells the property to Mrs Eva Johansson.

Eva Johansson sells the hotel to Åke Andersson.

The property changes owner to Gösta Andersson.

Kerstin and Bo Hägglund buy the property and start a hostel.

Gotland Municipality rent the property and open a nursery home called Misteln with 38 children.

Will it be hostel again at Jernvägshotellet.

In November 2017, Kerstin and Bo sells the property. The new owner Jill Harrysson comes to Gotland in March 2018 and 1th of July Gotland of Sweden - bed and breakfast opens.

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